#6 Selling an NFT

Wondering what the process is for selling your NFT on Opick? Please follow the procedure below!

  1. Click the icon at the top and click "Profile"

2. Click "Collection" as displayed

3. Select NFT to sell and click "Sales" button

4. There are two types of methods of selling an NFT: "Sale price" and "Bidding".

5. If you choose to sell through a set price, please click on "Sale price", Enter the chosen values in "Price1", "Coin 1", Sales Start Date, and Sales End Date, and click "Go to sales".

6. If you choose to sell your NFT through an Auction you may select "Bidding", you can set the Sales Start Date, Sales End Date, Starting Price, and Ending Price and click the "Go to sales" button. The buyer can participate in the auction from the start price, and if the price condition has been met for the Max price or the auction termination period is imminent, the auction will be closed. If the buyer purchases the NFT at the ending price, they can win the NFT right away with no regard to the auction period.

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